Student Surveys

Student Surveys

The main goal of the student evaluation is the formation of students' opinions about the quality of study programs, courses, functioning of professional services of organizational units and pedagogical work of teachers and assistants.

The primary method of student evaluation is the quality of the study survey, which is conducted in groups.

The Student Survey is carried out in an electronic form.

The requirement for the implementation of the survey electronically to are up to date data of organizational units in the Information System of the University (ISU) , as follows: curricula for all the study programs, records of all courses for all curricula, records of courses per study programs and years of study, records of teachers and assistants, selection of responsible teachers and assistants on courses, record data on student enrollment in all of years of studies and courses in current school year.

The questionnaire contains questions (claims), divided by areas with multiple choice. In addition, students have the opportunity to give their comments, observations and suggestions for the areas of evaluation.

Results of student evaluations are used to regularly monitor and control the quality of teaching, as part of a general policy in the field of quality assurance at the University.