University Computer Center of East Sarajevo works on:

  • development and maintenance of the Information System of the University,
  • implementing the latest solutions in the field of communication and internet technologies,
  • improving the system of support to all employees at the University of the application of these technologies,
  • improving the system of support for students in order to raise the quality of study at the University,
  • collecting and transfering of professional knowledge,
  • supporting the academic and research community in building the information society.

University of Serb Sarajevo today University of East Sarajevo, is geographically distributed, with its higher education organizational units "covering" the eastern part of the Republic of Srpska. In 2001, there were 16 faculties at seven locations, Brcko, Bijeljina, Zvornik, Pale, Lukavica, Foca and Trebinje

Communication of the Rector's Office and individual organizational units and mutual exchange of information between faculties until then was practically reduced to postal mail, telephone and fax connections, as well as periodic meetings that were held at the University level, usually in the Rector's Office. Scant summary information from the extensive documentation at the faculty level can be obtained only with great loss of time, and at the University level even more difficult, because all the documents were distributed in the "paper" form.

These were the main reasons why at the end of 2001. UES decided to establish the Information Center of the University of Serb Sarajevo today, the University Computer Center of East Sarajevo (URCIS) in order to develop a part of the information system, student records module, covering the business processes of student services department of the faculty and the academy in the order to get improve and accelerate business processes.

At the end of December 2002. Information Systems University (ISU) was put into operation. In the first version of the information system database of individual faculties were located at locations and the exchange of data between sites and URCIS operated by ISDN circuit-switched telephone network featuring digital and Dial-up for analog telephone lines to locations where it is not technically been feasible to be for digital. Synchronize data between URCIS and different locations was performed several times during the day and as needed.

Since the first edition of Information system of University (ISU) to date the same has passed through several metamorphosis by adapting to the growing requirements of the business processes and new technologies. So the current situation is such that all databases and applications are in one place (URCIS server room) and the communication between URCIS eight locations (Doboj and 7 above mentioned locations), ie. 17 organizational units takes place via encrypted tunnel (VPN). This system meets the high standards of security which enables secure and uncompromised data.

Information System can be accessed at any time by opening the application Internet address in the one of the popular Internet browser.

Today, URCIS is developing in the two main areas:

  • Information technology - setting up information systems and the development of software applications;
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) – setup computer networks, infrastructure and services based on Internet technologies

In the field of information technology and software development, the main role of URCIS is reflected in the creation of an Information System of the University (ISU). This information system is designed for the integration of data from faculties and academies, centralized issuing diploma and the various types of certifications and attestations, and analysis of the work of higher education institutions, as well as support of management processes at the university.

In the field of communication technology, URCIS provides communications services for the organizational units of the University of East Sarajevo.