Our Services


URCIS developing information and communication technology and provides many services at the University of East Sarajevo, as well as numerous Symposium and general educational and research community of the Republic of Srpska.

URCIS is a service center and central VPN node of the University Network. As such URCIS represents the main point of connecting all organizational units of the University, a databases of information system, student services. Support, of course, applies not only to the institutions but also on various personnel, individual users, who are engaged in them.

Using your wireless device (laptop, smart mobile phone, PDA, etc..) You can access, among other things, student service (INFO KIOSK) from any location.

Want to organize a conference with a certain number of participants via a videoconferencing system? At your disposal is the conference room and the modern video equipment which allows high quality transmission.

Register a new .UES.RS.BA subdomains and maintenance the old subdomain .UNSSA.RS.BA.

URCIS allows you to perform a free subdomain registration.

We provide the possibility of setting up a website on the server of URCIS for all organizational units of the University as well as various university associations. Hosted presentations are visible under your own domain the institution (eg In addition to this, URCIS provides its users ability to post personal presentation. Domain registration and 'web hosting' refers, in addition to the organizational units, to all employees of the University and to all the students of our University.

For all this and many more we are available. Contact us by phone 057/320-140, or via e-mail We hope for a successful cooperation!