Domain Registration

Domain Registration - 'DNS' service

Register a new .UES.RS.BA subdomains and maintenance of the old subdomain .UNSSA.RS.BA.

Registrations of subdomains is free!

This service enables you to specify the server name and domain name that uniquely determine the appointment on the Internet (eg. Organizational units have the option of hosting their Internet domains on the 'DNS' servers in URCIS. URCIS sets the domain of organizational units and technical maintains it.

Primary 'DNS' service refers to those organizational units that are not technically capabile to satisfactorily put this service on their location whether it is due to lack of servers or administrators, etc. .. In this case, the common interest is to create the conditions for transfer server in the jurisdiction given organizational unit, or organizational unit that acquires the possibility of full control and responsibility for its maintenance. That will have the full support of URCIS.

Secondary 'DNS' service applies to all organizational units that serves as a redundant service for the primary 'DNS' service that is under the jurisdiction of individual organizational units.

URCIS's activities within this service are:

  • maintaining full functionality 'DNS' service in the hierarchy of domains;
  • monitoring the performance of the service;
  • protection of servers from viruses and unauthorized users;
  • Caring for regular data backup,
  • technical support and carry out consultations.

Contact and support: or by phone 057/320-140